About Puffer-Sweiven

For over 70 years, Puffer has set the standard in equipment and services for process control, automation, safety, and reliability. We help process-intensive facilities run more efficiently and safely by delivering quality products, technical support, and knowledgeable staff to implement the needed process solutions — with the goal of exceeding customer expectations.

Our dedication brings the most advanced products and services to our customers throughout the Central and Gulf Coast regions of Texas.  As an Emerson Impact Partner, we offer a broad base of superior solutions, including the top product lines for a given application.

We take pride in the supportive environment we cultivate for our employees. Service awards, employee excellence awareness, and a family-oriented culture have contributed to an average employee tenure of over 8 years.

Empowering employees with ownership and a strong company culture, are what drive exceptional employee performance. This results in our capacity to deliver excellent customer service, and the ability to meet and exceed expectations one project at a time.

As employees of Puffer-Sweiven, we conduct ourselves with honesty and Integrity, achieving Company goals solely through honorable actions.

  • Our Commitment to the Company, our principal manufacturers, and our customers, demonstrates our willingness to go the ‘extra mile’ and do whatever it takes to get the job done correctly—the first time, every time.
  • We assume personal Accountability for achieving both individual and Company objectives. We rise above circumstance, demonstrate resourcefulness, and successfully deliver results.
  • Through Teamwork and collaboration, we work together to accomplish the shared goals and vision of our Company. We value and encourage the unique talents, contributions and entrepreneurial spirit of all our employees.
  • We are Customer Centric, collaborating with our customers to offer individualized solutions, and partnering with our principals to deliver quality and value. We live our philosophy — Collaborate • Solve • Deliver.
  • As a Results Driven organization, we devote our time and energy to achieving the full satisfaction of our customers and our principal manufacturers, while meeting our Company goals. We are committed to the success of the Company for our generation and the generations to follow.

Global Differentiation and Risk Management

Today’s cost, resource and risk pressures are increasingly involving the global stakeholder community. Puffer’s unique business partnership with Emerson ensures that our customers’ lowest risk choice locally, is the lowest risk choice globally.

Emerson Impact Partners (EIPs) serve as the exclusive sales channel for many Emerson brands of equipment, including Fisher Flow Controls, DeltaV Systems, Fisher Regulators, and Remote Automation products in the United States and Canada. Emerson has unique partnerships with their EIPs that connect customers with world-class solutions, superior technical expertise, and lifecycle services. Emerson and the EIP Community have the expertise to address your toughest challenges.

Before Puffer

While fighting a disastrous fire in Marshalltown, Iowa, a young waterworks engineer was forced to hand-throttle the city’s steam-driven pumps throughout the night.

That engineer was William Fisher, and the year was 1876. Exhausted from that experience, he decided there must be a better way to maintain water pressure as downstream conditions changed. And there was a better way – thanks to this young engineer’s inventive mind – it was called the type 1 Pump Governor. Records indicate that manufacture of this new device began in 1880.

Eight years later, the company was reorganized and incorporated as the Fisher Governor Company. From 1905 through 1962, the Fisher sales representative network was established and began to expand throughout North America. 

Puffer’s Beginning

Puffer was founded as the Fisher sales representative for the Texas Gulf Coast region on November 11, 1945 by former Fisher employees Ken Puffer and Bud Sweiven.