//FloBoss Configuration & Operations
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8:30 am to 4:30pm


$2,650 (Prices subject to change)


Houston, TX (6005 Rogerdale), February 6, 2017
(Subject To Change)

Houston, TX (6005 Rogerdale), August 7, 2017
(Subject To Change)

Houston, TX (6005 Rogerdale), September 11, 2017
(Subject To Change)


This 4-1/2 day course will provide an overall working knowledge of the FloBoss 103, FloBoss 107. Participants are presented with a comprehensive view of the FloBoss 103/107 hardware and ROCLINK800 software to obtain the necessary knowledge needed to effectively install, configure and maintain the FloBoss 103/107 products. Each student will be provided with a PC (ROCLINK800 preinstalled), a FloBoss 107RTU, a communications cable and a workbook for the duration of the class. However, participants are encouraged to bring their laptop to class.


  • Flow Measurement Review
    • FloBoss 103/107 Hardware Overview
    • FloBoss
      – Check and Set ROC Information
      – Check and Set ROC System Flags  
      – Communication Basics
      – Elements of a Basic Configuration
      – Configuring I/O Points
      – Calibrating AI and AO Points  
      – Overview of MVS Products
      – Setup of Multi-dropping of MVS
      – Configuring AGA Flow Calculations
      – Configuring FloBoss History
      – Modbus Tables
      – PID Configuration
      – Building FloBoss Displays
      – FST Workshop


Participants should have a working knowledge of their application/process and should also have advanced PC knowledge and be thoroughly familiar with Microsoft Windows operating systems (XP or later versions).