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Control Valves & Regulators


Control valves are an increasingly vital component of modern manufacturing around the world. Properly selected and maintained control valves increase efficiency, safety, profitability, and ecology.

Puffer-Sweiven proudly represents Emerson, the industry-leading manufacturer of Fisher® control valves, controllers, instruments, and regulators. Emerson’s innovative solutions increase process availability while reducing plant maintenance and cost of regulatory compliance.

All Fisher control valves supplied by Puffer-Sweiven are designed in conjunction with the actuation package; you can rest assured that the resulting control valve package will operate reliably and with optimized levels of performance. Our application engineers are factory trained in the sizing and selecting of control valve actuators, thereby ensuring the actuator performs to specification in the field, whether it is powered electrically, pneumatically or manually.

Leveraging our 70-year relationship with Fisher®, our technical staff spans 10 different locations in the Central Texas and Gulf Coast region to offer our customers expertise in the sizing and selection of control valves and regulators. Whether you need an emergency replacement assembly or part, or you are working on a long term expansion plan, there is a local Puffer-Sweiven expert to respond quickly and professionally. Additionally, with the region’s largest inventory of industrial control valves and regulators on hand we can meet your rush delivery requirements directly from our distribution center in Stafford, TX.

By utilizing the full breadth of Fisher® products, Puffer-Sweiven can help you choose the correct product for your application.

Why Fisher® Genuine Parts Are Important to You


Although the price of replicator parts can be attractive, they can cost you more in the long-run. Choosing Fisher® genuine parts for your site means choosing the high quality service, support and materials that have made Fisher® the leader in the process industries. Puffer-Sweiven can provide you with efficient spare parts management to minimize downtime. With a full range of same day/next day inventory, Fisher® genuine parts are readily available throughout Central Texas and Gulf Coast region.

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