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Valve Asset Management


24/7/365 Web based access to Real-time Repair Status, Documentation, and History


ValveTrac™ Puffer-Sweiven’s proprietary web based, customer asset tracking database allows our customers 24/7 access to robust data related to a specific assets current status and repair history.  ValveTrac™ can be utilized to manage all assets purchased or repaired by Puffer-Sweiven including safety relief valves, isolation valves, actuation, and level gauges.

This database allows online access to a variety of data including:

  • Repair Status
    • Real-time status on all equipment currently in the repair process.
  • Repair Documentation
    • On-line documentation for current repairs via the electronic repair report.
  • Repair History
    • Anytime availability for all previous repairs via date stamped repair reports.
  • Inventory Management
    • On-line, Anytime Inventory tracking by physical location (plant, consignment, tag) and equipment attributes (size, type, and manufacturer).

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