Puffer-Sweiven sells and services the highest quality process control, automation, safety, and reliability products and solutions from Emerson, and other world class manufacturers. We carry extensive local inventory and provide service coverage throughout the Central and Gulf Coast regions of Texas.

The full list of product brands represented by Puffer-Sweiven can be found below.

Control, regulate, isolate and protect your process with highly reliable valve technologies.

  • General Service, Severe Service, Butterfly, Ball, Triple Off-Set, and Globe Valves
  • Actuators, Controls, Automated and Manual
  • Pressure Management
  • Steam Services and Solutions
ChemValveGeneral ValveKinetrolNetherlocksPMVRexa
The systems and software that provide the decision integrity to run your operation at its full potential.

Monitor and protect assets while improving availability, profitability, and safety.

Emerson-AMS-Asset Management

Pressure, Temperature, and Level Indication, Flow Measurement, Steam Instrumentation, Hazard Detection & Notification, Instrumentation Fittings, Valves, Tubing, and Design Components, Automatic Tapping Point Rod – Out

Ashcroft Clearguard AutorodderCCSDwyerMidwestMuellerParker - PGI DivisionParker - Phoenix DivisionSmart Sensors, Inc.

PD Pumps, Centrifugal Process Pumps, Compressors, Blowers, Vacuums, and Mixers

Atlas CopcoAuroraHidrostal Pumps