Puffer-Sweiven Project Services

Projects come in a variety of forms, ranging from a simple well-site to the most complex Mega-Project.  Across all industries and magnitudes, projects are subject to the same general drivers:

  • Will the project be safe to construct and operate?
  • Will the project be completed on schedule?
  • Will the project be completed as budgeted?
  • Have we met the quality goals required for the project?
  • Are we effectively managing the risks for the project?

Puffer-Sweiven has participated in projects across Central Texas, the Texas Gulf Coast, and the world since 1945 and in most likely every execution style possible. Value has been added to many industries including Oil and Gas production and processing, Chemical, Specialty Chemical, Power, and Refining and many other industrial process projects.

Puffer-Sweiven’s tight integration with Emerson Automation Solutions brings global expertise into the Central Texas and Texas Gulf Coast geographies.  The collaborative team of Puffer-Sweiven’s local knowledge and Emerson’s international project experience aid project certainty, regardless of size, scope, industry, and location.  Puffer-Sweiven has a reputation of not only providing premiere products in the instrumentation and controls industry, but as a leader in the services and support of those products. Today’s technology requires specific education and training to support.  Suppliers like Puffer-Sweiven stay current with the demands of technology, regularly update staff certification training, and accumulate expertise to provide its customers the best in-class services to support today’s technology.  It is evident that Puffer-Sweiven’s dedication to service is shown in all areas including Instrumentation Contractors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies and Owner/Operators. We’re years ahead of the competition. Puffer-Sweiven offers an array of services in conjunction with its premiere control systems products.  These services include Project Design and Implementation, Staging and Integration, and Life Cycle Solutions.  Key to the success of any size control system project today is the experience behind the total installation and start-up of that system.  Specific knowledge and expertise in a given product, or technology, are key differentiators that determine the financial success of a project.  Puffer-Sweiven has a proven track record in providing that experience, and going the extra mile to ensure project success.

Project Excellence

All projects can be challenging.  Availability of skilled resources, schedule and budgetary milestones, managing project risk, and completing a safe and operationally effective project are not industry or geography specific challenges.  Central Texas and Texas Gulf Coast projects are not exempt from these challenges and bring their own set of uniqueness with our own environmental factors, industrial processes, regulatory compliance, codes, and standards.  Whether you are executing your projects locally, or executing in other areas of the world, these challenges need to be addressed.  Export Projects, designed in Houston and destined for other world areas, add similar layers of complexity as the destination’s local compliance needs to be understood and implemented.

Puffer-Sweiven is passionate to be the automation and instrumentation supplier to your project.  With resources across Central Texas and the Texas Gulf Coast, we are able to engage early, drive value and execute projects in collaboration with your teams.

Puffer-Sweiven locations across the Central Texas and Texas Gulf Coast geography position us to engage locally and understand the key applications of all industrial process facilities.  The Puffer-Sweiven team approach is key to our Project Execution Excellence model.  Previous project experience, operational facility knowledge, continuous improvement and low employee turnover are all key contributors to the value we bring.  Customer Feedback and value capture processes aid with Puffer-Sweiven’s ability to integrate into your Project Execution Plan and drive for execution excellence.  From the smallest projects to some of the world’s largest Mega-Projects the collaboration of Puffer-Sweiven, Emerson Automation Solutions, and an adaptable Project Management Office (PMO) process provides the execution guidance to minimize risk and maintain focus on the execution budget and schedule.

Main Automation Contractor

The modern process facility cannot operate without industrial Automation. Not only is Automation necessary to run your facility, but can be critical to commissioning efficiently, starting up on schedule and establishing a safe operating facility.

Although automation and instrumentation are relatively small in capital scope, their importance to your project execution can be critical. Making the right choice for your automation platform and who implements it can mitigate risk to your project and ongoing operations. With the current challenging commodity prices affecting your project economics and increased shareholder scrutiny on their return on investment (ROI); making the right choice of automation platform and execution team is imperative.

A highly integrated approach to automation, referred to as a Main Automation Contractor (MAC) approach, with Puffer-Sweiven/“Team Emerson” will help you meet your project needs. “Team Emerson” is an approach leveraging Emerson Automation Solution/Instrumentation technology and an execution team made up from highly skilled and experienced resources from Puffer-Sweiven and Emerson Automation Solutions. Collaboratively integrating Owner, EPC and “Team Emerson” will minimize risk, reduce duplication of effort and ensure project objectives are met.

Some of the benefits of executing a MAC project with “Team Emerson”/Puffer-Sweiven:

  • Proven, competent full automation scope supplier
  • Best in class products from Emerson including DeltaV, Fisher and Rosemount
  • Industry leading innovative technology such as electronic marshalling, wireless and low temperature solutions that reduce auxiliary equipment such as cable tray, heat tracing and wiring as well as reducing the impact of late project changes
  • Reduction in the number of suppliers individually engaged in your project
  • Consistent, repeatable, reusable and efficient implementation of a toolkit for your project’s initial and future phases
  • “Team Emerson”, and the depth and experience of Emerson Automation Solution globally, can ensure industries that are new to the Texas Gulf Coast are successful in their project execution.

Puffer-Sweiven / Team Emerson are the best choice in Central Texas and the Texas Gulf Coast to deliver on this vision as the Main Automation Contractor through its people; technology innovation; breadth of product and project experience.

Main Instrument Supplier

Your facility’s Instrumentation is critical to the process operation of your facilities.

Not only do you want your facility to run safely, but with the current challenging commodity prices you need a facility that runs efficiently, hence increasing your ROI and shareholder value.  Capital projects have increased levels of due-diligence with regards to cost certainty, schedule compression and management as well as overall risk mitigation.

A highly integrated approach to instrumentation, referred to as a Main Instrument Supplier (MIS), with Puffer-Sweiven helps you achieve your capital project goals and establish a baseline for operational excellence.

Having single-source accountability with Puffer-Sweiven:

  • Reduces project management burden
  • Reduces interface activities
  • Reduces procurement load
  • Reduces the number of suppliers individually engaged in your project

Puffer-Sweiven is uniquely positioned in the Central Texas and Texas Gulf Coast to deliver on this vision as the Main Instrument Supplier through its people, technology innovation, breadth of product, and project experience.

EPC Support and Execution

Central Texas and the Texas Gulf Coast have a diverse Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) community with expertise throughout all energy segments. The region is recognized worldwide for its energy industry, particularly for oil and natural gas. The Houston ship channel brings global visibility to the region by being the top US market for exports.

The attractiveness of the Central Texas and Texas Gulf Coast area resource markets have also resulted in an increasing number of global EPC participants, and diversity in project execution methodologies.  In some cases, global EPC companies, have established offices in the Texas Gulf Coast to execute projects locally, while other projects have been executed, in whole or in part, outside of the region.

Competition for Central Texas and Texas Gulf Coast industrial engineering contracts is fierce and thirsting for innovation, including contract execution strategies with a higher level of responsibility and risk being taken on by the EPC companies.  Adding to the complexity of these projects are the localized industrial process nuances, compliance with industrial codes and standards, fabrication construction, and logistics management to name a few.  Selecting the right Instrumentation and Automation Supplier can be an asset to ensure successful project execution.

Puffer-Sweiven has been supplying Instrumentation and Automation in the Central Texas and Texas Gulf Coast regions for over 70 years.  Our 500 + employees, across nine locations, have the local knowledge of all industries globally.  Projects have been executed as long as Puffer-Sweiven has been in business and we have had teams focused on these projects since the company’s inception.

Puffer-Sweiven technologies and services can greatly aid EPC organizations by:

  • Reducing risk of project cost overruns.
  • Reducing risk of schedule delays.
  • Providing complementary man-power for both engineering and site activities.
  • Assisting in cost estimations for FEED and feasibility studies.
  • Assistance in specification for all automation and control disciplines.
  • Ensuring compliance to local standards and regulations.
  • Developing creative solutions to your most challenging projects.

Puffer-Sweiven and all of the principal suppliers represented, including Emerson Automation Solutions, provide equipment and solutions for reliable and safe operation in the diverse environments of Central Texas and the Texas Gulf Coast, and beyond our borders.  EPC contracts continue to evolve and change and whether they include construction management, fabrication, lump-sum or overseas execution, Puffer-Sweiven has the experience in all styles of projects to help minimize risks and deliver a successfully executed project.