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Instrumentation Products and Services

The Puffer-Sweiven Field Instrumentation Division offers a wide selection of top-quality instruments, instrument-design components, and related services. Our company works closely with end-users, engineers, consultants, OEMs, as well as contractors in the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, wastewater, and other process industries, providing custom-tailored solutions to measurement and indication problems of all kinds.

Puffer-Sweiven is an authorized representative for many top instrumentation product manufacturers, with a strong network of other relationships enabling further flexibility and responsiveness. As one of only 14 official Parker Hannifin Instrumentation Solution Centers in North America, for example, we connect clients to that company’s complete portfolio of tube fittings, valves, manifolds, bundled and stainless steel tubing, and other products.

Through our deep local inventories maintained across the Gulf Coast region, our clients also gain direct, reliable access to:

  • ASCO solenoid valves and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs)
  • The full range of Ashcroft products
  • CCS switches
  • Clark Reliance level indication and other devices
  • Rosemount monitoring and leak detectors
  • Techline and SnapTrack products
  • Velan steam traps, manifolds, and connector stations
  • A huge selection of orifice plates and flanges, flow meters, heat tracking devices, thermocouples, and related products
  • Much more

A Complete Selection of Instruments, Gauges, and More

For every possible instrumentation need, Puffer-Sweiven stands ready to deliver:

  • Pressure Indication: Accurate, reliable pressure gauge solutions from manufacturers like ASCO, Ashcroft, CCS, Dwyer, and others contribute directly to safety, reliability, and capability in many different process industries. We also offer a full range of related services, including calibration, tagging, gauge, panel, and diaphragm seal assembly.
  • Temperature Indication and Switching: From simple bimetallic thermometers to RTDs and multi-point assemblies, we stock and service a variety of temperature indication products from manufacturers including Ashcroft, CCS, and Smart Sensors Inc.
  • Level Indication: Our company also maintains a wide selection of magnetic and tubular level gages, level switches of all kinds, remote and local indication devices, and other level-related products offered by companies like Clark Reliance, Fisher, and Jerguson. The full-service Puffer-Sweiven level gage repair facility offers a same-day shipping program, shutdown and turnaround services, and on-site surveys.
  • Flow Measurement: From Daniel orifice plates and flanges to Jacoby-Tarbox sight-flow indicators and Dwyer flow meters, we provide access to a comprehensive selection of flow-measurement solutions and related services.
  • Steam Instrumentation and Handling: Whether with steam traps from leading manufacturers like Velan or through the deployment of highly reliable pressure indication devices from other sources, our clients enjoy effective assistance with all their steam-oriented needs. We also have various other related services, including steam trap energy audits, maintenance, and repairs, along with product education and training.
  • Hazard Detection and Notification: Where hazards like gas or open flame might intrude, our huge selection of hazard detection and notification products enhance safety and security. From reliable detectors and sensors to signaling, alarm, and communication products, Puffer-Sweiven stocks and services whatever might be needed.
  • Instrumentation Fittings, Valves, Tubing, and Design Components: We also carry a huge range of instrument-related parts, allowing for easy access to whatever might be needed to complete a particular project or design a new solution from scratch.

A Full Range of Instrumentation Related Services and Support

Puffer-Sweiven also offers a comprehensive selection of instrument-related services, ranging from product education and training to manufacturer-certified calibration, repair, assembly, troubleshooting, and design assistance. Our support services include project management at any scale, including Main Instrument Vendor contracts, on-site energy audits, and turnaround planning and coordination. In every case, our clients benefit from not only an industry-leading selection of products but also the knowledge, skills, and dedication needed to overcome any instrument-related challenge.