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TESCOM™ 54-2000 Series Pressure Regulator Hydraulic
54-2000 Series pressure reducing regulator is suitable for 10,000 psig / 690 bar inlet and outlet hydraulic applications.
Segregated and captured vent allows for convenient downstream pressure reduction adjustments. Hardened Stainless Steel seat and stem provide excellent wear resistance in harsh applications. Ideal for use in wellhead control panels, subsea valve actuations, Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and component testing.
TESCOM™ 54-2000 Series Pressure Regulator Hydraulic


Maximum Inlet Pressure
10,000 psig / 690 bar
Outlet Pressure Ranges
  5-500, 5-800, 10-1500, 15-2500, 25-4000, 50-6000, 200-10,000 psig
  0.35-34.5, 0.35-55.2, 0.69-103, 1.0-172, 1.7-276, 3.4-414, 13.8-690 bar
Body: 316 Stainless Steel
Main Valve, Vent Seat, Poppets: 17-4 Stainless Steel
O-Rings: Viton-A®, Buna-N, Ethylene Propylene, Kalrez®
Back-up Rings: PTFE
Remaining Parts
300 Series Stainless Steel and 17-4 Stainless Steel
Ambient Operating Temperature2
-15°F to 165°F / -26°C to 74°C
2 For extended temperatures from -40°F to 400°F / -40°C to 204°C, consult TESCOM.
Port Size & Type
1/4, 3/8, 1/2
SAE, NPTF, MS33649, High Pressure, Medium Pressure
External Vent Port (1/4): SAE, NPTF, MS33649
Flow Capacity
Main Valve: Cv = 0.06
Vent Valve: Cv = 0.08
Load Type
5.3 lbs / 2.4 kg
Additional Information
For custom modifications or a complete system solution, please contact your local sales office


  • Special models available for 15,000 and 20,000 psig / 1034 and 1379 bar
  • Segregated vent for easy pressure adjustments in either direction
  • Main valve cartridge
  • High-impact handknob
  • Cartridge style models are available
  • NACE compatible designs are available
  • Compatible with TESCOM air actuators and ER5000 Electropneumatic Controller
  • Piston-sensed design ensures safety and reliability


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