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Are you concerned about alarm performance and its impact on your operator effectiveness? DeltaV Analyze Alarm Reports makes it easy to find the alarms that occur most frequently, are stale alarms, fleeting alarms, chattering alarms, alarms that experience long delays for operators to acknowledge and those that are most often suppressed. Proper Alarm Management implementation ensures that the correct alarms are annunciated to the operator at all times. This includes all modes of process operation.

Poorly configured alarms in the control system lead to millions of dollars of direct losses per year and even more in production losses. Alarm “floods” lead to unsafe conditions and increase the probability of incidents resulting in financial loss.

Financial Impact of Poor Alarm Management*

  • Deviation alarms in regulated industries $2,000 to $6,000/alarm
  • U.S. petrochemical industry losses $10-20 billion
  • Annual equipment damage over $2 billion
  • Typical cost of incident $100,000 to $1 million
  • Major refining incidents average $80 million
*Source: ARC Advisory Group
DeltaV Analyze Alarm Reports

DeltaV Analyze Alarm Reports

Our reports can better identify gaps to help you to manage your alarm load, identify bad actor alarms, and help you meet regulatory compliance. By taking advantage of this service, you can obtain an assessment of your current alarm performance vs. industry standards, identify what DeltaV features are available to address problem areas, and implement the tools on your system.
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