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Relief Valve Spare Pool Program Relief Valve Spare Pool Program

Utilizing Puffer-Sweiven’s proprietary online asset management database, known as ValveTrac™, we have developed an innovative Relief Valve Spare Pool program that saves customer’s money through minimized downtime and reduced repair cost.

Puffer-Sweiven is currently storing over 5,000 customer-owned assets in a repaired, assembled and ready-to-test condition in our dedicated spare pool warehouse, where each asset is catalogued and available for online access through the ValveTrac™ database.

Benefits of Puffer-Sweiven managing spare pool assets:

Provides better return on investment capital
Minimizes customer risk, downtime and cost

With ValveTrac you can easily view the following information online:

Online documentation for current repairs via the electronic repair test report.
On-demand availability for all previous repair test reports.
On-demand inventory tracking by physical location (plant, repair, or consignment status). Search for valves by asset number, tag number, inlet & outlet size, materials of construction, among other criteria.
Real-time status on all equipment currently in the repair process.
PDF test report copies are automatically emailed to the designated customer contact for repaired or new valves.
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