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Project Certainty Project Certainty

The complexity of today’s capital projects is causing an endemic loss of value and confidence. Projects are larger, more technical and running at a faster pace than ever before.

Project Certainty is Emerson Automation Solutions’ transformational approach to enabling top quartile performance in capital projects by digitally transforming our customers’ projects through modern project management strategies, innovative engineering practices and digital technologies.

Puffer-Sweiven has partnered with Emerson’s project execution team to deliver solutions that eliminate costs, reduces complexity, and accommodates change to improve capital efficiency and deliver more reliable project schedules.

Eliminate Cost
Through innovative engineering practices and design, you can wipe up to 10% of project costs off the ledger.
Reduce Complexity
Standardize and maintain automation project specifications to meet deadlines.
Accommodate Change
Project changes are inevitable. With the right strategy, designed early, you can absorb changes without impacting the schedule.
Partner With Our Experts
Early collaboration not only delivers project certainty but will better ensure attaining long-term operational objectives.
Emerson launches Project Certainty to reverse industry trend of capital project cost and schedule overages:
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