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Operator Performance Improvement Operator Performance Improvement

Puffer's operator performance solutions include training, installation, configuration, and alarm management services designed to provide a solid foundation for optimizing operating procedures and improving the efficacy of your workforce.

Reduce variability and optimize production to improve your plant. You want to improve throughput and reduce variability and optimize production at your plant. Emerson offers a group of services aligned as Control Performance Solutions to assess, improve, sustain and enhance your system. This process begins by assessing your current state and making improvements through either a one-time engagement or a set of engagements. This consulting framework is implemented using Emerson’s process optimization expertise to increase and improve performance.

Alarm Management Services

Alarm Management ensures that the correct alarms are always annunciated to the operator. This includes all modes of process operation. Poorly configured alarms in the control system lead to millions of dollars of direct losses per year and even more in production losses. Alarm “floods” lead to unsafe conditions and increase the probability of incidents resulting in financial loss.

Alarm Services can better manage your alarm load, identify bad actor alarms, and help you meet regulatory compliance. By taking advantage of this service, you can obtain an assessment of your current alarm performance vs. industry standards, identify what DeltaV features are available to address problem areas, and implement the tools on your system.

With effective Alarm Management and a well-maintained alarm system, customers can avoid alarm floods and change the alarm system from being a nuisance during process upsets to a valuable tool to the operations staff. Alarm information can be presented to the operator in ways that aid the operator in correct response to alarms and reduce operator fatigue while also decreasing operator errors.

Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven offer services to help customers with the following Alarm Management challenges:

Required documented process that defines the objective of the alarm system and governs the work process and standards for alarming.

Analyze alarm data and identify areas of improvement for the customer.

Design an alarm system by reviewing every point in the customer’s system such as:

1) Design Preparation – Review Alarm Management database which provides the basis from which the dynamic alarm systems will be built.
2) Development – Update the current alarm configuration by creating system boundaries and case logic for each system.
3) Implementation – Conduct the on-site Alarm Management system configuration.
4) Operator Training – Provide basic training covering Alarm Management fundamentals, use of software, and overview of configuration.

The Operator interface to your control system is an important part of the Operator’s ability to control the plant process. A well-designed graphic that encourages situational awareness allows for a more accurate and timelier Operator response.

Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven offer the following Advanced Operator Graphics services:
1) Philosophy Development – align to ISA 101.01 standards and best practices 2) Display Workshop – review philosophy and discuss display types
3) Display Review – identify gaps between current display and display philosophy
4) Display Design – create L1/L2/L3&4 hierarchy and select critical variables
5) Display Drafting – create displays from design activities
6) Installation and Training – display upload and Operator training

In addition, our experts also have the expertise to offer DeltaV Live, Operator Workload and Control Room design consultation services.

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