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SureService Agreements (SSA) SureService Agreements (SSA)

There are a multitude of factors to consider when developing the right lifecycle strategy. Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven consultants will help you select which SureService package meets your plant’s needs.

Regardless of the SureService package you choose, our overall goal is to help you keep your control system running efficiently and achieve maximum system reliability.

Our SureService Program offers you flexibility through its four tier packages of services to support or replace your existing maintenance-management processes. The progressive tiers provide flexibility to decide how much to involve Emerson in taking care of your system maintenance, reliability, and performance needs.

Each of the four service tiers this program offers build upon one another, allowing you to find the package that best meets your needs:

ST100: A set of services that provide core support needs for your automation infrastructure.
ST200: A preventative maintenance program to provide priority access to best-in-class automation availability.
ST300: A comprehensive program that ensures you realize your return on automation investment.
ST400: A strategic alliance where Emerson provides fully managed services and takes responsibility for performance outcomes.

A comprehensive lifecycle strategy also includes the maintenance of your Simulation System like Emerson’s Digital Twin offering. We can offer the following simulation maintenance services to any one of our above SSA service tiers:

1. Simulator Assessment Service
2. Simulator Recovery Service

The Simulator Assessment Service is designed to ensure that the process simulator remains representative of the on-line production system. This annual assessment will help the user understand the current status of the simulator as compared to the production system and determine whether modification is required.

The Simulator Recovery Service provides the ability to restore your simulator in the case of system loss. Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven will store a complete set of the simulation system files created during the execution of the original simulator development project. This includes the Mimic database files, Control System database files and System User Manual. If for some reason the simulator is impaired or otherwise rendered unusable, Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven technical experts will utilize the stored files to execute a remote restoration of the simulator.

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