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Power & Grounding Consulting Services Power & Grounding Consulting Services

Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven’s Power & Grounding Consultation services will check the integrity of the plant P&G design making sure it is solid, robust and conforms to all local NEC codes.

Our proven methodologies will be utilized to perform testing and verification of the P&G system from the plant power source to the basic AC power distribution panel, including the control system, instrumentation and the operator interface.

Services included in the P&G consultation are:

  • Reviewing and testing of the Plant Ground Grid (PGG) system for the AC power source through to the P&G system including the operator interface. This service examines the system ground points and validates them along with the bonding points for lightning and surge protection. This testing can be accomplished while the system is in operation using earth ground testing equipment.
  • Review of the Power distribution from the plant or area power source up to and including the instrumentation and operator interface. This will include testing of plant power quality over time and checks for any possible loading or disturbance issues.
  • Review and measure the system ground points for any resistive connections and make sure they meet the system, code and standard requirements. This is accomplished using P&G test equipment for verification and includes visual inspections checking for any non-compliance issues within the grounding system.
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