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SIS Functional Safety Design & Configuration Services SIS Functional Safety Design & Configuration Services

Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven offer consultants specifically trained in the application of IEC 61511. Our SIS consultants follow processes to comply with IEC 61511 using our TÜV certified Safety Management System. We invest in people and tools to provide services where customers traditionally have the least resources available, and where diversity in the process is most valuable.

Local authorities expect operators to meet the IEC 61511 regulatory requirements. SIS Functional Safety Design and Configuration Services provides you with local expertise, using detailed procedures as well as checklists, to ensure specific regulatory compliance.

Proper application of today’s smart technologies can significantly benefit the user by reducing interventions in both duration and frequency. By maximizing use of our SIS Consultants, you will reduce the need to maintain specific competencies and processes and reduce systematic failures.

Applying the lifecycle approach of IEC 61511 to your process will significantly reduce the likelihood of failures and hence make your process more reliable and increase uptime.

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