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Cyber Security Services Cyber Security Services

The consequences of a cyber-attack can cause serious damage to your plant, reduce, or shut down production, and even have safety and environmental implications. Use Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven’s Cyber Security Assessment Services to identify vulnerabilities, remediate protection gaps, and secure your process control system from cyber security risks.

Our Cyber Security Assessment Services are broken down into three service packages to meet your plant’s needs:

1) Basic Cyber Security Assessment Service
2) Custom Cyber Security Assessment Service
3) Cyber Security Remediation and Consultation Service

Our Cyber Security Assessment Services will help you understand how secure your system is relative to best practices and provide guidance on how to make improvements.

Cyber Security Assessment Services also identify gaps in your control system security giving you the opportunity to remediate those weaknesses. With our help, you can harden your control system security protection and meet your system availability and operational integrity requirements.

The loss of revenue due to a cyber security attack can be extensive. Help prevent potential loss of revenue and brand reputation while reducing the risk of liabilities with our Cyber Security Assessment Services.

The Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven Cyber Security Emergency Incident Response services team is ready to provide immediate assistance during your cyber-crisis. Our consultants provide the expertise and tools for initial triage and to determine what happened and how to fix it, whether your incident has affected your firewall, VPN, or even your DeltaV hardware or applications.

Because every DeltaV system and incident is unique, we tailor our approach, so it is relevant to your business at hand. After each engagement, we take the lessons learned and improve our methodology to provide repeatable success.

Our first responders identify and contain the incident, offering instant remediation when appropriate. We direct you on what log files to collect and protect for the forensic “root cause” analysis required for any cyber-incident.

As part of our holistic approach to identification, containment, and remediation, we combine the skills and experience of our Incident Response team and DeltaV specialists with the expertise of the industry’s leading malware researchers at McAfee® Labs. Our consultants provide the expertise and tools to determine what happened and how to fix it.

Time is of the essence after a cyber-attack and external help is often the best remedy to augment your site staff. The Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven Cyber Security Incident Response and Forensic Investigation service team stands ready to provide you the assistance you need to recover and restore your plant to full operations.

It is also important to determine exactly what happened, how and where the incident originated, and what remediation must be taken to ensure that this attack does not happen again. That is where our forensic experts apply state-of-the-art tools and years of forensic evaluations experience to quickly analyze the data and effectively remediate your system.

Our first responders identify and contain the incident, offering instant remediation when appropriate. We respond immediately and help you through your crisis.

Building a cyber security program upon a solid foundation is necessary for success. The Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven Cyber Security Site Policies and Procedures Development services establish security plans for vital functions and address compliance and exceptions. Our team of security experts offers services and education to help you continuously and measurably protect your most important assets from the most critical threats.

A strong cyber security policy sets the security tone for the whole plant site and informs personnel about management’s cyber security expectations. All personnel must be aware of the sensitivity of their potential impact on a plant’s cyber security and their responsibilities for protecting it.

Effective and updated cyber security policies and procedures, along with proper enforcement, can help to avoid system downtime expenses due to a cyber-attack. Lost production revenue as well as recovery expenses from a single cyber-event will most certainly hit your plant’s balance sheet and can often be avoided.

Policy and procedure review and/or development can be a time-consuming effort for even the savviest site specialist. With our certified consultants leading the development effort, you can be assured that the most current and effective enhancements will be included in your final policies and procedures manual.

Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven’s proven Incident Response Plan, IRP, development methodology is thorough, relevant, modular, and adaptable. An IRP touches many groups in your organization: security, IT, operations (OT), legal, human resources, and compliance, amongst others. Our thorough planning approach is more effective because it is cross-functional and inclusive of all stakeholders. We assure your plan is relevant to your organization because we create a custom plan for each client. Our plan methodology consists of a modular framework, allowing you to choose which components are included.

A clearly defined and in-place cyber security IRP will help you through those initial, tense moments with guidelines on what to do first when you suspect a cyber security breach or malware infection. The IRP’s documented procedures will guide you through the steps to identify, contain and recover from the attack.

An IR handbook allows you to maintain and keep current the policies and procedures as your system and support team changes. This ensures that you are prepared for any cyber security challenge and will ultimately save you time and money during an incident.

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