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Digital Twin Simulation Services Digital Twin Simulation Services

The Digital Twin is a representation of the physical plant assets (i.e. process equipment, instrumentation and controls) and the processes that take place within them (i.e. chemical reactions, separation processes, heat transfer).

Emerson’s Digital Twin supports the proven value of using dynamic simulation for designing, implementing, and testing automation solutions. We typically use either Mimic, Aspentech HySys, or Aspen Plus as the foundation of our Digital Plant Twin solutions.

The Digital Twin enables virtual training of process operators and supports the continual need for process optimization and experimentation without risk to the process or the operations of the plant.

Our Extensive Digital Twin Simulation Services:


The strategy for the Digital Twin is defined and the functional requirements are developed.


The dynamic simulation is used to review process design and control philosophy and to identify control and operational issues early in plant design.

Automation System Design / Implement / Test
During control system engineering, the dynamic simulation is integrated to the control system simulator. This begins the use of the integrated Digital Twin. The Digital Twin is used to test control system configuration and graphics. Control design can be evaluated early in the project when rework and changes will have the least project impact.
Factory Acceptance Testing

Including system integrity and operational tests are done with the Digital Twin. Operating procedures are tested and refined. Problems and issues that could delay unit startup or disrupt production are caught before they impact the project. Loops are initially tuned to support smooth startups.

Operator Training
Begins early, at the completion or concurrent with FAT. Operators begin developing competency well before the startup of the plant or the commissioning of the process automation system using the Digital Twin. Structured training and open exploration of process dynamics and control system performance are both valuable in preparing the operator for actual plant operations.
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