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Backup and Recovery Consultation Service

Your plant produces many things, including the data required to operate, manage and document your plant processes. How do you go about protecting this data and ensuring that a loss of data will not disrupt production?

Our Backup and Recovery consultation service can provide you with piece of mind in the event of a hard drive failure or other catastrophic data event.

The consultation service works as follows:

  1. Our field service engineers will work with you to determine what data needs to be backed up
  2. We then work with your team to decide where to backup this data for disaster recovery purposes
  3. A naming convention is developed with your team for the backed up data
  4. We jointly determine the frequency of required backups
  5. Finally, we determine the frequency required to perform periodic data verification tests of all backed up data to check for corruption, etc.

Please contact your Puffer Account Manager to learn more about this service today!

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