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Secure your process control system from cybersecurity risks

Secure your process control system from cybersecurity risks

Every day, there are new headlines proclaiming the current global malware spreading is the “largest ever” and that, despite any protections employed, multimillion dollar cyber-criminal organizations are working very hard to get to our assets. The good news is that each new revelation makes us re-think whether our systems are fully protected from these attacks.

The consequences of a cyber-attack can cause serious damage to your plant, reduce, or shut down production, and even have safety and environmental implications. Use Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven’s Annual Cybersecurity Assessment service to identify vulnerabilities, and remediate protection gaps, and secure your process control system from cybersecurity risks.

Key Benefits

Our Annual Cybersecurity Assessment service will help you understand how secure your system is relative to best practices and provide guidance on how to make improvements. In addition, this service also identifies gaps in your control system security giving you the opportunity to remediate those weaknesses. With our help, you can strengthen your control system security protection and meet your system availability and operational integrity requirements.

The loss of revenue due to a cybersecurity attack can be extensive. Help prevent potential loss of revenue and brand reputation while reducing the risk of liabilities with our Annual Cybersecurity Assessment service.

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