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Customers are at the company’s core, and Puffer-Sweiven works to uphold the reputation it has built by implementing reliability, improvement, and value validation strategies. Puffer-Sweiven’s goal is to create operational excellence and value for every customer through reliability, performance, and maintenance lifecycle services.

Puffer-Sweiven’s mission is to maximize and support customers’ success through properly developed work processes that achieve repeatable and consistent results. Through close collaboration, Puffer-Sweiven strives to understand customers’ needs and objectives, determine where help is needed, and use its deliverables to meet customer requirements. Puffer-Sweiven is focused on the performance, reliability, and maintenance initiatives that support areas such as production, safety, environmental, reliability, compliance, and management.

The objectives of operational excellence are clear. Maximize the life cycle reliability and performance of a plant, or asset to achieve maximum output, while simultaneously managing maintenance and operational costs – all in a safe manner. The challenge is bringing information from multiple, cross-discipline systems and equipment sources (systems, instrumentation and machinery) together in a well-integrated manner. Puffer-Sweiven’s Maintenance Reliability services are focused to achieve the goal of integrating information and leveraging your technology.

Puffer-Sweiven harnesses the power of technology and optimal work processes to ensure the right information is delivered to the right people, enabling them to make the right decisions.


Maintenance is the foundation of operational excellence. Providing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) knowledge and application expertise ensures consistent, timely support of your plant operations’ strategy and process. Puffer-Sweiven services all products, applications, and solutions we provide to our customers 24/7/365 through one of three fully equipped repair facilities. Our facilities are dedicated to service and repair of safety relief and isolation valves, as well as level gauges and actuation products. With locations in Corpus Christi and Houston, you can be assured of fast, dependable, local service.

Puffer-Sweiven’s support begins with our expertly trained service people who provide an elevated level of product knowledge. Our application engineers, equipped with access to extensive product asset data specific to your equipment, back up our front-line people. Together, they work with our customers to ensure the selected technology is applied to maximize total plant life cycle.

Houston Service Center

Corpus Christi Service Center

Control Valve Repair

Control Valve service and repairs are supported by OEM expertise through our partner, Emerson Process Management, whose depot and on-site support are available 24/7 through one of three fully equipped repair centers located in Corpus Christi, Freeport, and Pasadena.

Pressure Relief Valve Service and Repair

As the authorized service and repair center for Farris and Groth pressure relief products, and though our “VR” certification from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, Puffer-Sweiven provides “24/7” asset management and repair services for all brands of pressure relief products in ASME Section I and VIII applications and is capable of testing on steam, air/gas, and liquid medias.

Puffer-Sweiven provides customers with the capacity and competency to repair and re-certify relief valves at one of three National Board Certified repair facilities in Houston and Corpus Christi. Puffer-Sweiven also offers on-site testing and repairs through a mobile on-site services unit.

Pressure Relief Valve Service and Repair


Utilizing Puffer-Sweiven’s proprietary online asset management database, known as ValveTracTM , we have developed an innovative Spare Assets Management program that saves customer’s money through minimized downtime and reduced repair cost. In the Spare Assets Management program, customer owned assets are stored in a repaired-and-ready-to test condition in our dedicated spare pool warehouse, where each asset is catalogued and available for online viewing access through the ValveTracTM database. With ValveTracTM you will be able to view the following information via your Internet connection:

  1. Repair Documentation – On-line documentation for current repairs via the electronic repair test report.
  2. Repair History – On-demand availability for all previous repair test reports.
  3. Inventory Management – On-demand inventory tracking by physical location (plant, repair, or consignment status). Search for valves by asset number, tag number, inlet & outlet size, materials of construction…
  4. Repair Status – Real-time status on all equipment currently in the repair process.
  5. Electronic Notification – PDF test report copies are automatically emailed to designated customer contact for repaired or new valves.

Field Service

Puffer-Sweiven and our partner, Emerson Process Management, provides complete field services for all your valve and instrument products and solutions. We have factory trained, certified technicians available to help you with any problems you have for all the products we supply.

Puffer-Sweiven provides field service and startup assistance of–

  • Fisher control valves and instruments (through our partner, Emerson Process Management).
  • EIM/Bettis/El-O-Matic actuated valves.
  • Farris and other ABSA regulated relief valves.

Valve Automation

Keeping your plant running is critical as a single process outage can cost thousands, if not millions, of dollars per hour in lost production. Puffer-Sweiven’s On Demand service complements our customer’s maintenance efforts by providing service support, technical support, and troubleshooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the select spare parts inventory in our regional centers, and extensive inventory of valves and actuators at our main Stafford, TX Distribution Center, augments supply chain operations and on-site inventory strategies.

Outage Management

Turnaround planning tends to be very ‘on-off’ in nature, which can severely limit the ability to implement lessons learned, or to implement improvements in subsequent outages. As a result, the same work is performed on the same assets over and over, regardless of whether improvements or efficiencies are available.

Puffer-Sweiven provides complete outage management support services for valve and instrument maintenance needs. We offer a complete suite of services to help our customers succeed in maintaining their schedule and budget for planned outages.

These include:

  • Outage planning support
  • Scope optimization
  • Logistics and Execution Support
  • Schedule and Cost Management Planning
  • Supervision and Quality Control
  • OEM certified repair capability – onsite and depot
  • Ongoing improvement recommendations

Turnaround Support

Puffer-Sweiven’s Valve Automation Service Team provides support beyond the initial supply of new equipment to cover the entire lifecycle of the product. We can help your maintenance team determine turnaround requirements, retrofitting or replacing obsolete valves & actuators, troubleshooting and repairing damaged actuators, as well as, performing preventative maintenance and health checks on existing equipment.