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Customizing & Simplifying Artificial Lift Automation Solutions

June 6, 2017

At Puffer-Sweiven, we strive to provide automation application solutions that work for you! Artificial lift provides a practical way to increase the bottom hole pressure (BHP) with an aim to achieve a higher production rate from a well. This can be carried out using a positive displacement downhole pump, such as a progressive cavity pump (PCP) or a beam pump. Doing so makes it easier to reduce the well's pressure at the pump intake. The majority of oil wells need artificial lift in the life of the field.


Lift optimization maximizes production from a well while minimizing wear and tear on equipment. In turn, this reduces the need for costly workovers. Controlling costs improves competitiveness, particularly when faced with increased market price pressure. On the other hand, automation allows you to monitor well production remotely, thus saving money on transport costs.

Automated Control

Automated programs provide an economical way to control pumping systems. You can leverage sophisticated control and modeling software to compute downhole and surface conditions. This enables you to regulate starting, speed adjustment and stopping of the pumping unit. Advanced monitoring and reporting functionality provide fault and event logging, daily gauging, data sampling and more.

Customized Solutions

Whether you want to optimize multiple wells or a single artificial lift installation, Puffer-Sweiven can assist you with finding the ideal solution. We work on packages that use ROC800 or FB107 RTU platforms. Auto-adjusting application programs can control the applications autonomously to ensure worry-free operation.

Automatic adjustment of control logic to account for fluid gravity, flow line pressure and other factors helps provide superior control without the need for constant attention by field personnel.

Automated lift applications are dynamic and can change abruptly. For this reason, we offer well-designed solutions that provide safe operating conditions. The systems can be customized to suit specific requirements while coping with the rigorous demands of harsh operating environments.

To learn more about how our 70+ years of experience and support can help your production operations through automation, please contact Puffer-Sweiven or email [email protected].