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Troubleshooting FIELDVUE Instruments Using the ValveLink Software Course

July 27, 2017

This lecture/lab style 3-day course provides hands-on experience working with FIELDVUE™ digital valve controller using the Emerson ValveLink™ software. The class will discuss basic operation and installation of the FIELDVUE™ digital valve controller. Students will practice installing and mounting FIELDVUE™ digital valve controllers onto sliding stem and rotary control valve assemblies, as well as perform basic configuration and calibration of FIELDVUE™ Instruments. Troubleshooting the digital valve controller using ValveLink™ will be performed and basic data interpretation will be introduced.


  • FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controller Theory of Operations
  • FIELDVUE™ Instrument Installation
  • Field Communicator for Instrument Configuration, Calibration
  • Troubleshooting using a HART communicator
  • Diagnostic troubleshooting and data interpretation using ValveLink™ with AD and PD tier devices


This course is for technicians, engineers and others responsible for installing, calibrating and basic troubleshooting of FIELDVUE™ instruments using the ValveLink™ software. 


Completion of 1450 is recommended but not required.

Course Number: 1751

Length: 3 days (8am-4:30pm)

Cost: $2800/student

Credits: 2.1

Schedule: Puffer-Sweiven (Houston Service Center), August 29-31, 2017

Registration: CLOSED