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DeltaV Mobile

April 14, 2018

Mobility has changed the way we operate in our everyday lives. It has become the most rapidly adopted consumer technology in history. Our phones and tablets connect us to nearly everything we consider to be important, delivering the most current information on demand. What if you could also have your plant operations at your fingertips? How would you like to keep an eye on your facility from beyond the control room and share data efficiently and securely with experts across your company? Imagine the convenience of being made aware of particular alarms and events even when access to a PC is not readily available.

Emerson, with the local support of Puffer-Sweiven, enables this functionality and more with DeltaV™ Mobile, a product built for managers, engineers, and operations to securely access customizable plant data whenever and wherever it’s needed. DeltaV Mobile is the beginning of a new operational experience; where real-time data can be viewed through mobile devices or a web browser with no additional DeltaV configuration required.

Whether on or off-site this technology allows Plant Managers, Unit Engineers, and other select plant subject matter experts to view the following:

  • KPIs
  • Alarms
  • Process values
  • Trends
  • SIFs

DeltaV™ Mobile advanced filtering capabilities provide personalized lists and notifications to environmental, safety, and quality engineers to ensure only domain relevant information and alarms are received.

DeltaV Mobile is read only, preventing users from inadvertently affecting plant operations. Additional security measures are taken with user authentication and data encryption so that only those users that are registered and meet the authentication credentials will be able to access the DeltaV Mobile Server. For more information regarding DeltaV Mobile please contact Puffer-Sweiven at 281-240-2000 or visit Emerson’s DeltaV (Mobile website).