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DeltaV™ Discovery for Life Science Research Laboratory Applications
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DeltaV Discovery provides the power of DeltaV for non-production, non-GMP laboratory applications in a single workstation, reducing footprint with workstation-based control and Ethernet I/O.
Workstation-based Ethernet I/O supports OPC, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet/IP.


  • Improves technology transfer and faster process scale up using a common DeltaV platform for research and discovery through production: Standardization on a common control platform can reduce engineering effort to migrate between development phases.
  • Reduces DeltaV footprint with workstation-based control and I/O: Lab environments can be space limited and a control system with controllers and I/O subsystems can consume valuable real estate. DeltaV Discovery reduces the control system footprint.
  • Supports ISA-88 standards for batch execution and history collection: Easily add batch process control and automatic batch historical event collection using DeltaV Batch Executive, Batch Historian, and Advanced Unit Management applications.
  • Flexible I/O supports OPC, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet/ IP protocols: DeltaV Discovery supports multiple communication protocols to enable process I/O from different lab apparatus. Supported protocols include OPC-DA, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet/IP.


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