Isolation Valves & Valve Actuation

Experience, Product Selection, and Excellence

Puffer-Sweiven has over seventy years’ experience supplying clients with the most advanced technology available for Isolation Valves and Valve Actuation systems for every conceivable application.  From manual valves meant for everyday operation, to redundant SIL-3 safety-critical applications, Puffer-Sweiven can provide cutting edge solutions with direct access to many advanced products from top brands like Emerson.

  • Manual Isolation Valves: Whether used as part of regular process control or to isolate other critical items, manually operated isolation valves must always provide reliable, responsive service. Our experienced representatives help clients find the manual valves best fit for the application.
  • Automatic Isolation Valves and Actuators: Integrating a valve to a hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric device is very complex, so making the right choices is a must. With direct access to industry- leading products from top suppliers like Emerson, Puffer-Sweiven provides customers with long-term reliability and performance solutions.
  • Safety Instrumented Systems(SIS): When safety is at stake, failure is never an option. We provide entire turn-key systems of isolation valves and other products that can help ensure the safety of critical process systems. Our extensive experience with the most demanding SIS applications   helps our clients provide safer facilities.
  • High-Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS): Where conventional relief systems will not suffice, HIPPS systems allow for the safe resolution of what could otherwise be disastrous failures. Puffer-Sweiven provides the most proven, reliable, and capable turn-key HIPPS solutions available. Learn More


World-Class Experience, Product Selection, and Service

Puffer-Sweiven goes far beyond industry expectations on a daily basis, with a deep commitment to continuous process improvement always driving us to greater heights. From the selection of an appropriate manual safety shutdown valve to a complete complement of parts for a sophisticated pressure protection system, our clients benefit in many ways.

  • A Full Range of Product Solutions: With direct access to most products from top manufacturers such as Emerson, we can easily supply every isolation valve requirement, whether manual, automated, or safety-related.
  • An Unparalleled Mega Project Execution Resume: With a long, consistent history of succeeding with the biggest, most complex projects, no project challenge is beyond our reach.  Let us illustrate our proven Project Execution Model on your next opportunity.
  • Proven Ability to Tackle the Toughest Applications: From high-cycle, and severe- service requirements, to safety-critical instrumented and pressure protection systems, our company has most likely built it before.
  • Unmatched Experience, Ability, and Knowledge: Veteran Puffer-Sweiven employees bring the benefits of industry-leading application knowledge and a deep familiarity with best practices to bear on every client requirement.
  • Global Reach and Support: Leveraging the scale of partners like Emerson and the power of the World Wide Local Business Partner Model, we provide uncompromising service and support anywhere in the world.

For these reasons and others, Puffer-Sweiven is the single best source for isolation valves, actuation devices, and related products. For a project, of any scale, anywhere in the world, our unbeatable product selection, deep experience, and drive to excel ensure that our clients’ isolation valve requirements are met.