Oil & Gas Automation

Despite industry fluctuations and seasons of uncertainty in the O&G Industry, Puffer-Sweiven provides high-performance remote measurement and control solutions featuring a complete line of RTUs and flow computers from Emerson combined with locally executed integration services such as:

  • Cabinet design and packaging
  • Control software development
  • Integrated system testing

Typical applications of our Oil & Gas Automation solutions include the following:

  • Gas production
  • Fiscal metering
  • Compressor stations
  • Offshore platforms
  • Gas processing plants
  • Water/wastewater facilities
  • Tank farms
  • Boilers and chillers

Flow Computers and RTUs

There is often a challenge with finding the right flow measurement solution given the number of options available. Regardless of whether you’re looking for fit-for-purpose or maximum flexibility, Puffer-Sweiven has the right Flow Computer for your applications.

Our flow computers are built to complete liquid and gas calculations for any kind of regulatory application or custody transfer application, and include:

  • ControlWave Micro Hybrid RTU/PLC: This is a cost-effective, space-efficient, low power consumption package, required by small to mid-sized applications.
  • ROC800-Series: This industry leader serves a variety of remote automation applications and has built a strong reputation as a rugged workhorse with great flexibility; while also being able to provide the functionality of a twelve run gas flow computer.
  • The FloBoss 107: Raises the bar for modularity, versatility, performance, and ease of use. Whether you need a single or 4 flow multi-run flow computer or few or many I/O points, the FloBoss 107 can accommodate your needs.
  • FloBoss S600+: This flow computer has a high end panel mount suitable for fiscal and custody transfer applications. It also handles ten gas or liquid meter runs, with power and flexibility to allow it to handle custom stand-alone control applications.
  • FloBoss 3000: This next generation RTU, monitors, measures and controls equipment in remote environments. It is ideal for applications requiring PID control loops and up to 24 meter runs. The FB3000 offers easy to use configuration through FBxConnect, as well as custom programming with FBxDesigner, which allows you to build IEC 61131-3 compliant programs in the FB3000.
  • FloBoss 1000/2000: These next generation flow computers are cost-effective low-power field mounted devices that measure gas flow on your choice of 1 or 2 differential or linear meter runs. Tailored specifically to your needs, the FB1000/2000 series are offered with or without I/O as well as your choice of C1D1 or C1D2 housing. This easy to configure product is perfect for your flow computer needs.

SmartProcess™ Oil & Gas Application Suite

With Emerson’s SmartProcess™ Application Suite, our customers have turnkey, off-the-shelf applications for all of their well pad control and optimization needs. From the Production Manager Series on the ROC and FloBoss products, to Transmission manager series on the ControlWave platform, Puffer-Sweiven can automate operations to maximize performance, improve reliability, reduce engineering and support costs, and even reduce process upsets. By configuring our off-the-shelf solutions, rather than developing custom programming, customers are able to deliver maximum performance results.

Manager applications include, and are not limited to:

  • Local Display Manager: provides a color touchscreen interface, easily configured through the ROV using ROCKLINK 800 to allow smooth and intuitive operator interaction.
  • Tank Manager: uses level-based measurement to manage volumetric tank inventory and calculates wellhead production.
  • Well Optimization Manager: designed to manage and optimize gas and liquids production operations at an oil/gas well site that supports gas lift; plunger lift; gas assisted plunger lift; plunger assisted gas lift; and rod pump control for both gas and oil production.
  • Surface Controls Manager: used to manage the control logic of surface equipment and any maintenance bypass requirements and shut-in of wells, load outs or associated equipment.

Our Wireless Solutions

Distributing wireless control across a network of RTU/Flow Computers and/or Wireless HART communications to transmitters enables customers to reach first production faster, optimize facility development costs, improve operational efficiency, and maximize lifetime production of their well pad assets. The Distributed RTU Network answers the challenge of connecting multiple wells spread over a wide geographical area in a cost effective and user-friendly way.

The IEC62591 Wireless Interface utilizes WirelessHART self-organizing mesh networks to allow wireless devices to serve as a self-healing alternate communication path. Additionally, a rich set of field tools provide easy access to the RTU or flow computer and allows for direct access to Smart Wireless field devices for calibration, commissioning, and diagnostics.

With Puffer-Sweiven’s wireless solutions, customers are able to improve operations efficiency, prevent unplanned shutdowns, as well as provide accurate measurement and precise monitoring.