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TerminalManager™ is Emerson’s Terminal Management System (TMS) that ensures efficient, accurate, safe, and secure material transfers for both manned and unmanned tank storage facilities.
This single-source solution will help you optimize handling of both inbound/outbound movements and related internal activities by providing data for planned movements, real-time load rack visibility, inventory positions, and physical stock on hand. Alerts and alarms are always visible for swift action and resolution. TerminalManager also offers out-of-the-box connectivity to a host of physical devices and includes MessageBroker for software integration with any third party solution, enabling seamless consolidation and disbursement of your critical data. Whether your operation is an unmanned, single bay crude unloading facility or a massive chemical refinery terminal with hundreds of complex products, TerminalManager is a scalable, highly reliable solution that is appropriate for terminals of all sizes.

Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times in Tank Management and Terminals

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  • Schedule your crude offloading activities down to the day, bay and pot.
  • Systematically enforce your schedule for accurate and reliable offloads and automatically trigger sample capture.
  • Capture API-compliant custody transfers and accurately manage customer inventory.
  • Automated gantry schedule management, movement control and tracking/auditing of the unloading process ensures a mistake free process.
  • Automation from entry to exit allows a facility to operate completely unmanned with site access to product offload handled by drivers.
  • Accurate inventory tracking provides the information needed for planning and operations and customer position reporting.
  • Automatic distribution of tailored operational reports allows operators to easily reconcile crude offload data, such as picked-up versus offloaded product.
  • Easy-to-use, reliable system provides flexibility and supports additional growth as a terminal expands.
  • Industry-tailored solution provides custom-level functionality with a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) product that is easier to support and upgrade.


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