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The all-around Gabbioneta R range process pumps provide superior efficiency for more than 100 different hydraulic configurations suitable for heavy-duty use.

The R Range Gabbioneta PumpsTM are overhung horizontal radially split, centerline supported heavy duty process pumps, designed in a back pull-out configuration for easy maintenance and centerline feet mounting for high temperature stability.
The coverage includes more than 100 different hydraulics, for optimum efficiency over a wide operating range.
Shaft flexibility index is fully in compliance with API 610 Annex K and twin volute configuration minimises radial loads.
Several options can be selected in order to fulfil the most various requirements, for example:coke crusher, steam jackets, casing insulations, semi-open impellers in case of high viscosity liquids or presence of solids, inducers in case of low NPSH.
Magnetic driven construction, in full compliance with API 685 Std., can be evaluated for specific needs.

R OH2 type API 610


Up to 2500 m3/h (11000 Gpm)
Up to 380 m (1200 feet)
Operating temperature
From -100ºC (-150 ºF) to 450ºC (850 ºF)
Standard design pressure
40 bar (580 Psig), special executions up to 210 barg (3000 Psig)
Rotational speed
Up to 3600 RPM


  • API 610 last Edition
  • All API610 class materials & special materials upon request


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