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The AHPB, AHPB-DS Gabbioneta Pumps TM are heavy duty double casing, multisatage, radial split, with single or double 1st stage impeller pumps.

A wide range of sizes, number of stages combinations, various arrangements of suctions and discharge noozzles and three bearings arrangements and De-staged construction when required complete the variety of the offered products.


  • Capacity up to 1800 m3/h (8000 Gpm)
  • Head up to 3600 m (12000 feet)
  • Operating temperature from -30 ºC (-20 ºF) to 400 ºC (750 ºF)
  • Standard design pressure 40 bar (580 Psig), special executions up to 350 barg (5000 Psig)
  • Rotational speed up to 7000 RPM


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