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The HNH horizontal series is part of our HEVVY modular program, allowing you the flexibility needed for custom design to suit your application, saving you both time and money.
The HNH series is available in several metallurgy options, offers three wet end designs as well as multiple seal options.


  • The hevvy modular program allows you the flexibility of coupling the pumping ends below with either the same or different hevvy drive configurations – be it submersible, cantilevers, or horizontal.
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY - If your pump performance requirements change, simply change the pumping end to ensure you are always achieving maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • COST SAVINGS - No need to buy a brand new piece of equipment when system requirements change. Just change the pump end. If you can standardize on the same pumping ends throughout your plant then you can greatly reduce the need for excessive spare parts inventory.
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY - Production is profit. When systems change the lead times of some custom drive units can not only be long but also expensive. If you can recycle your drive unit and simply change your pumping end you can get back into production quicker, cheaper, with less downtime required.


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