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The VI Gabbioneta Pumps TM are are vertical, single stage heavy duty process pumps, with side discharge.

VI pumps have closed type impeller with front and rear rings as well as balancing holes, to minimise the axial thrust, and large eye to meet low NPSH requirements.

Pump shaft is fully machined to respect the most restrictive run-out API requirements, labyrinths and deflectors at both bearing housing covers allow to maximize protection against dirt and discharge column mounted with a sliding fit through the sole plate accounts for thermal expansions.

As option, can be provided full jacketed contruction to minimize pump distortions caused by local heating, additional rigid coupling to facilitate mechanical seal maintenance activities, suction strainer for particularly dirt services and open impellers for waxy or fibrous solids.


  • Capacity up to 4000 m3/h (17600 Gpm)
  • Head up to 200 m (700 feet)
  • Operating temperature from -30 ºC (-20 ºF) to 450 ºC (850 ºF)
  • Standard design pressure 40 bar (580 Psig), special executions up to 40 barg (580 Psig)
  • Rotational speed up to 3600 RPM


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