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Floway® VTSP (Vertical Turbine Solids Pump) is a vertical close coupled, single and multistage solids handling pump.
This solids pump includes hardened materials and a patented bearing design resulting in an increased wear-life up to four times that of a standard vertical turbine solid pump. In addition, the Floway® VTSP features a semi-open adjustable impeller design to accommodate solids and maintain performance without the need for disassembly. Handling solids up to 10% by weight the Floway® VTSP is designed to reduce wear, decrease maintenance down time, and lower total ownership cost.


  • Iron bowls with abrasion resistant coating
  • Fabricated discharge head
  • Above/below ground suction/discharge
  • Flanged column
  • Semi-open 420SS impellers
  • Multiple NDE/Testing options
  • Thrust balanced impeller
  • Patented bearing design
  • Product lube shafting
  • Mechanical shaft sealing
  • VSS/VHS motor shafting
  • Colletted/keyed impeller mounting
  • Hard coated shaft


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