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The WEMCO Hydrogritter is an exceptional grit cyclone and classifier with an enduring operational life of over 25 years.

The WEMCO® Hydrogritter® components are designed as a system to optimise each piece of equipment to consistently produce long-term, high performance grit removal with unmatched reliability, and low operation and maintenance costs. The WEMCO® Hydrogritter® system removes and dewaters grit from primary sludge or influent.



Size range/ dimensions
Hydrogritter®: 12, 18, 24, 30 inch, Hydrogritter® II: 12 inch
Temperature range
Min. Fluid Temp is 32ºF (0C), Max. Fluid Temp is 122ºF (50C)
Capacity Flow
220 to 1570 gpm (50 to 357 m³/hr)
5 to 20 psi (.3 to 1.37 bar)
Steel, Stainless steel, galvanized


  • Protects downstream equipment from grit damage
  • Downtime and grit removal expense minimised
  • Proven ability to remove fine (150+ mesh) grit
  • Production life of 25+ yearsCyclone clusters for higher flows


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