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The Discam is a unique grinder and screen system that offers a much more effective and low-maintenance alternative to handling screenings than conventional systems.

With the ability to capture up to 95% of solids at 5- or 9-mm aperture sizes, this innovative solution combines a self-cleaning screen with a high-torque grinder. No manual attendance or cleaning is required, and disposal costs for handling debris extracted by traditional screening processes are eliminated.

The Discam is constructed using a series of shafts, two of which are fitted with interleaving cutters and spacers to give positive displacement solids grinding; the remaining shafts are fitted with overlapping and intermeshing discs.

Easily retrofitted into existing sewage pump stations or inlet works as well as installed in new-build facilities, this high-performance package is suitable for almost any type of wastewater facility.

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  • Power savings, elimination of manual handling and associated transport costs, odor control, and automated operation are all achieved when installing a Discam to replace conventional screening systems to existing or proposed submersible pump stations
  • Intermeshing discs give a self-cleaning screen
  • Able to remove up to 95% of solids at the given aperture sizes
  • Grinder allows liquid to pass through the cutter stacks, thereby filtering, trapping, and macerating the entrained solids
  • Lower cutter tip speeds dramatically reduce impact load
  • Slow speeds ensure low noise and vibration as well as good abrasion resistance
  • Screening apertures at 5 and 9 mm available
  • 1000-, 1500-, and 2000-mm channel depth options


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