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With the ability to remove up to 95% of solids with 2.
5-, 5-, or 9-mm aperture sizes and a range of screens to fit various channel widths and depths, the Discreen gives you the flexibility for a large range of applications.
The Discreen design is self-cleaning and does not require manual raking or cleaning. The screen is constructed using a number of shafts, each fitted with discs that overlap and intermesh with corresponding shafts. The shaft rotation forms a gentle conveying action of solids across the face of the screen to the discharge point while allowing water to flow through the disc stacks. Individual comb bars are fitted to the first and last shaft to eject screening solids for discharge back into the main flow or sump area.


Up to 20,000 m³/hr & Up to 88,057 gal/min


  • Intermeshing discs provide a self-cleaning screen area—no frequent raking and no secondary handling system
  • Head losses are kept to a minimum and are consistent throughout the operation of the unit (unlike bar or mesh screens, which can give high head losses between cleaning cycles)
  • Low rotation speed offers good resistance to abrasion
  • Ability to remove up to 95% of solids with 2.5-, 5-, or 9-mm aperture sizes
  • By combining a Discreen with one of our munchers, you have the option of keeping all macerated and screened residue in the main flow, eliminating removal costs
  • Individual discs allow easy, low-cost maintenance should they need replacing and allows screening capability to be changed for smaller screening of solids


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