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45-degree pitch impellers are used for both turbulent and laminar flow applications.

Hydrofoil impellers provide the lowest shear of any impeller. UET Mixers hydrofoil impeller design provides approximately 200% more pumping capacity than a conventional 45 degree pitch impeller.

Propeller or “boat-style” impellers are typically use on portable mixer in small batch applications. They are well suited for highly turbulent applications.

Specialty style axial flow impeller that provides a counter flow pattern in highly viscous fluids.

Best used for laminar flow applications, often in dispersions. 90o impellers can be a good solution near the bottom of a tank.

The right solution for adding low concentrations of immiscible liquids or gases.

The disperser impeller style is also well suitable for liquid-liquid dispersions.

The Gas dispersion impeller allow for up to five times as much gas flow.

Shear impellers are often used in conjunction with a secondary “pumping” impeller to aid in tank turnover.

The Anchor impellers has teflon scraper blades are often added for difficult applications.

The Ribbon implellers is ideal for extreme viscosities (up to 1,000,000 cP under agitation), as well as mixing fluids with large viscosity ratios.


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