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Zenith Pumps for Paints and Coatings allow dependable control of critical coating applications.
High accuracy eliminates costly over-application associated with less accurate methods, and the pumps often pay for themselves in savings in one year or less.


Available Capacities
3.0 – 6.0 cc / rev
Flow Rate
30 – 1,800 cc / min
+/- 1%
0.1% of set point
Max Operating Temperature
300F (150C)
Max Pressure Differential
700 psi
Max Viscosity
100,000 cps


  • Flushable - change colors in seconds - Chameleon design features allow quick and effective flushing, in-line, resulting in rapid changeover of paint colors and types.
  • Leak Free - triple lip-seal design provides redundant sealing and leak-free performance without the maintenance issues of packings or the complication of face seals.
  • Long Life - components made from high-carbide steels, through hardened for wear resistance and strength.
  • Pulseless - rotary spur gears provide smooth, continuous flow without the trouble and expense of check valves, accumulators and complex hydraulic circuitry.
  • Active Flowmeter - closed-loop speed control of precise components ensures accurate flow control without adding a secondary flowmeter.
  • High Pressure - manufacturing tolerances of +/- .00005" (1.25 micron) allow clearances to be kept to a minimum, and high process pressures to be achieved.
  • Compact - 2.5" x 1.9" and weight of 2 lb. (3cc) or 2.5 lb. (6cc) - full-size features compressed into a small, lightweight package.
  • Accurate -stable, repeatable flow control despite process variations due to temperature, viscosity and pressure.


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