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ASCO™ Numatics Pressure Gauges
The ASCO Numatics PSI and bar gauges are widely used on compressors, filter/regulators (piggybacks), water pumps, paint sprayers, and a variety of other applications for measuring air pressure passing through the component.
Numatics liquid-filled pressure gauges provide maximum service life for your pneumatic gauge applications. Each glycerin-filled model is designed to prevent harmful environments or severe vibration from causing premature gauge failure.
ASCO™ Numatics Pressure Gauges


Pipe / Port Size
1/8 "; 1/4 "


  • Liquid-filled gauges are available
  • Power Flex movement with polyester segment provided longer gauge life
  • ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene) casing is ideal for rugged applications and harsh environmental conditions
  • Full-view polycarbonate window for better dial visibility


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