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ASCO™ Advanced Redundant Control System
The ASCO Series ARCS is specially designed redundant solution for emergency shut down valves (ON/OFF valves)(1) and various redundant configurations (1oo2, 2oo2 and 2oo3) to meet both safety and availability.
The ASCO ARCS 2oo3 redundant solenoid valve piloting system combines the advantages of both 1oo2 and 2oo2 systems to achieve a high level of process safety and reliability.
(1) For fail safe application of control valves, please contact an ASCO representative.

ASCO Advanced Redundant Control System

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ASCO™ Advanced Redundant Control System


Pipe / Port Size
1/4 "; 1/2 "
3/2 Way Direct Acting
Body Material
SS316L valve body and manifold, SS316L and aluminum solenoid operators


  • Compact and Fully Integrated Module: Supplied as ONE complete module with factory pre-test and as a single part number
  • Direct Valve-to-Valve Design: Eliminate pipework and fittings between the solenoid valves
  • Status indication and Feedback: Facilitate preventive maintenance and online detection of faults
  • Individual Isolation Valve / Common By Pass (Option): Allows easy online maintenance


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