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Damcos™ Accumulator Rack
damcos accumulator rack
Get added operational confidence knowing your hydraulic valve remote control system is ready for any challenge.
The Damcos Accumulator Rack is a stand-alone or modular accumulator setup designed to provide the pressure you need for peak demand and in power outage emergencies, like ESD (emergency shut down). When the power unit is unable to deliver oil pressure, the accumulator can continue to operate a selection of important valves.
Damcos™ Accumulator Rack


Nitrogen Charge Pressure
125 Bar (0.9 x working pressure)
Connection Type(s)
Input 1 Inch BSPP and Output 3/8 BSPP
308 mm wide for each module and height between 1032 to 1536 mm
Housing Material
Rack: Stainless Steel
80 kg to 125 kg pr. rack module


  • Stand-alone design features one or more bladder accumulators, a connection block and a stainless steel rack
  • Unit compensates for leakage in solenoid valves meaning less start/stop for your power unit.
  • System-service means that the accumulator is in function while the system is running.
  • ESD (emergency shut down) function can operate when the power unit is unable deliver oil pressure, the accumulator can operate a section of valves for a limited time
  • Engineered by specialist devoted to the marine industry
  • Robust design and housing built for harsh marine operation
  • Meets requirements for all major marine industry classifications
  • Actuators and accessories can be disassembled into parts which are 98% recyclable
  • Design and manufacturing process comply with ISO9001 quality standards and ISO14001 environmental code
  • Part of the Emerson Valve Remote Control System


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