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Fisher™ 1068 Rotary Vane Actuator
Fisher 1068 rotary vane spring return and double acting pneumatic actuators have a large range of sizes that can be mounted to rotary shaft valves.
The 1068 rotary vane actuator is one of the simplest and most reliable units for quarter-turn rotary actuation. Additionally the 1068 actuator design offers a wide torque range.
Fisher™ 1068 Rotary Vane Actuator


Spring Return, Double Acting
PED, CUTR, ATEX, SIL capable
Control Type
On/Off, Throttling
Power Source
Valve Type
Rotary Valve
Other Configurations
Contact your local Emerson sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.


  • Accuracy -- The 1068 actuator vane and shaft are an integral casting, removing a means of lost motion or dead band. Clamped coupler used on size 5i through 15i spring return minimizes the possibility of lost motion between the actuator and valve shaft connection
  • Integral Air Passage -- The 1068 sizes 5i through 15i spring return actuator incorporates an integral air passage that eliminates the need for external tubing and fittings when paired with a Fisher FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 digital valve controllers. The double acting unit will require minimal external tubing.
  • Compact Construction -- Reduced valve/actuator envelope dimensions leads to more mounting flexibility when space is at a premium.
  • Long Life Service -- Tested to over 1 million cycles. Rugged construction provides stability, corrosion resistance, and protection from demanding process control applications.
  • Improved Ease of Use -- Integral mounting pad for DVC6200 eliminates the traditional mounting bracket and reduces the number of parts required to mount for the size 5i through 15i spring return and double acting actuators.
  • Large Size Range -- The 1068 actuator offers sizes that cover torques up to 150,000 in•lb.
  • Single Moving Part -- The rotary vane actuator ensures a long service life with minimal maintenance.
  • Corrosion Resistant -- Robust epoxy coated zinc/titanium alloy, or aluminum housings, epoxy enamel coated inside/out to provide substantial corrosion resistance.
  • Efficiency -- The small internal volume minimizes the air consumption of the 1068.


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