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Fisher ENVIRO-SEAL and HIGH-SEAL live-loaded packing systems offer exceptional stem sealing capabilities.
These systems easily install in your existing valves or can be purchased with new valves. ENVIRO-SEAL and HIGH-SEAL packing systems help seal your process to conserve valuable process fluid and protect the environment against the emission of hazardous or polluting fluids. The long life and reliability of these systems also reduce your maintenance costs and downtime.
Fisher ENVIRO-SEAL Control Valve Packing Systems


PTFE, Graphite ULF, Duplex
Valve Stem Diameters:
9.5 through 127 mm (3/8 through 5 inch)
Pressure Class:
CL125 through CL2500
ISO 15848, FCI 91-1, API
Process Temperature Range:
Refer to the Bulletins and Selection Guidelines


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