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TESCOM™ 44-5200 Series Pressure Regulator Control
44-5200 Series is a compact piston sensed pressure reducing regulator designed for heavy cycle duty applications.
Venting or air load is optional for use with the ER5000 Electropneumatic Controller. Ideal for use in test equipment, calibration stands and production equipment.
TESCOM™ 44-5200 Series Pressure Regulator Control


Maximum Inlet Pressure
400 and 3500 psig / 27.6 and 241 bar
Outlet Pressure Ranges
  1-25, 1-50, 2-100, 2-250, 5-500, 5-600 psig
  0.07-1.7, 0.07-3.4, 0.14-6.9, 0.14-17.2, 0.35-34.5, 0.35-41.4 bar
Body, Piston: 316 Stainless Steel or Brass
Bonnet: 300 Series Stainless Steel or Brass
Seats: Vespel®
O-Ring: Viton®
Filter (40 micron): 316 Stainless Steel
Remaining Parts
300 Series Stainless Steel and Brass
Operating Temperature
-15°F to 200°F / -26°C to 93°C
For extended temperatures from -40°F to 400°F / -40°C to 204°C, consult TESCOM.
Port Size & Type
1/4 NPTF
Flow Capacity
Cv = 0.06, 0.15
Load Type
Dome, Air
Weight (without gauges)
2 lbs / 0.9 kg
Additional Information
For custom modifications or a complete system solution, please contact your local sales office.


  • Compact and economical design
  • For gas or liquid service
  • Piston sensed for high reliability and long service life
  • Standard version includes 1/4"""" NPTF gauge ports
  • Brass or Stainless Steel construction
  • Adjustable stop limits maximum outlet pressure
  • Modification with 6000 psig / 414 bar inlet pressure is available
  • Venting and captured venting is available, NACE compliant designs are available


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