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Fisher™ Types BLE and BLX Throttle Valve
Types BLE and BLX throttle valves function as a bypass on transmission stations reducing pressure up to 100 bar / 1450 psig.
Type BLX version is equipped with a Type OS2 release relay to cut off pressure flow in case of outlet over pressure. Types BLE and BLX are in conformity with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68-UE and are classified in category IV.
Fisher™ Types BLE and BLX Throttle Valve


Available Configurations
Type BLE: Throttle Valve
Type BLX: Throttle Valve with Shutoff Valve
Body Sizes
DN 25, 50, and 80
NPS 1, 2, and 3
End Connection Styles
PN 100 N, PN 50 B, PN 20 B
CL600, CL300, CL150
Maximum Operating Pressure
LCC Body: 100 bar, 1450 psig
WWC-20 Body: 96,7 bar, 1402 psig
Temperature Capabilities
LCC Body: Working -30° to 71°C, -22° to 160°F
WCC-20 Body; Working: -20° to 71°C, -4 to 160°F
Approximate Weights
Type BLE:
  DN 25: 12 to 14 kg
  DN 50: 22 to 26 kg
  DN 80: 43 to 51 kg

Type BLX:
  DN 25: 20 to 22 kg
  DN 50: 36 to 40 kg
  DN 80: 57 to 65 kg


  • Robust
  • High Precision
  • Progressive Opening


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