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 Introducing Bettis XTE3000

The future of intelligent electric actuators

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The XTE3000 is the newest multi‒turn electric actuator from the Bettis family of actuators.

Its intelligent design meets the challenging valve automation demands of the Oil & Gas, Power, and Process industries.

Discover why the Bettis XTE3000 is the ideal solution for your plant’s safety and reliability requirements.

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Built on History. Made in Texas.

The Bettis XTE3000 builds on 25 years of design and manufacturing experience within Emerson Automations Solutions. Its launch consolidates the best technologies from Emerson’s Biffi, EIM, and existing Bettis lines.

Best known for its pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, Bettis has been in business for more than 90 years. While Biffi electric actuators has been operational for 65 years in Fiorenzuola d’Arda, Italy.

Thus, by combining the Bettis brand with Biffi’s expertise the Bettis XTE3000 intelligent electric actuator was born. And is now proudly made in Houston, Texas.

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About Bettis™

Bettis™ is a leading brand in the broad offering of Emerson Automation Solutions. Bettis actuators and controls function in almost every energy-related industry. From oil and gas transmission, to petrochemical and petroleum refining. Other significant markets include chemical; power industry including nuclear; pulp and paper; food and beverage; pharmaceutical; HVAC and water systems.

To serve customers with the latest technology, Emerson has a global presence for its Bettis products. This includes strategic World Area Configuration Center locations and a knowledgeable worldwide sales force. Bettis is unmatched in the industry, offering its complete valve operating systems. Bettis products are specifically engineered for their intended application, guaranteeing minimum torque and thrust values. All products undergo thorough testing and quality checks before shipping.

The newest electric actuator in its vast portfolio of actuators is the Bettis XTE3000. Manufactured in Houston, Texas, it expands on the proven Biffi ICON 3000 design.

Unlock the XTE3000’s Intelligence

The Bettis XTE3000 has built-in intelligence and advanced connectivity across many communication interfaces.

Diagnose, Configure, Monitor Software for Bettis electric actuators

Our DCMlink software enables you to diagnose, configure, and monitor your Bettis electric actuators.

It offers easy actuator setup, monitoring of alarms, and torque profile comparisons. View and access multiple actuators locally from your PC via wired connection or Bluetooth. DCMlink is also available as a snap-on to AMS Device Manager for remote monitoring from a control room.

By combining Emerson's DCMlink with Controlinc Network Master, customers can command up to 250 actuators from a single location.

The Controlinc is ideal for facilities where an operator needs to control or monitor a set of actuators from outside the control room. This reliable control hub off-loads processing from the main control system. Controlinc is available with Modbus and NEMA, as well as rack Mount configurations.

A free software download for DCMlink is available from the Emerson Automation Solutions website.

Bettis XTE3000 certifications and approvals

Compliant with a wide range of international standards:


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Emerson Electric Actuatio Portfolio

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With five simple questions, we can get you to the right product in our portfolio and on your way to an electric solution.

  1. What type of valve is being actuated; multi-turn, quarter-turn, or linear?
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  3. What about fail-safe? Is it desired in the application?
  4. What torque or thrust range is necessary to operate the valve?
  5. Is there a preference on design style? Intelligent, non-intrusive actuators provide the latest technology. Yet, many customers still prefer a conventional style. We offer both designs.

There are a few other questions we may ask you along the way, like valve dimensions or network protocols. But, if you know the answers to these five questions, the rest is details.

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