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The HNS is the world’s only modular submersible slurry pump with pressurized sealing technology and run dry capability.
Handling up to 70% solids; Available up to 1000 HP; Capable of up to 10,000 US GPM. It’s a game changer.
The HNS series motor and rotating assembly have been specifically engineered to handle severe and extreme duty services and the unbalanced loads that occur in high wear pump applications. Intentional engineering decisions like: shaft stiffness ratio of < 1, oversized bearings, and a revolutionary seal design combine to help the pump maintain the sealing ability in the most severe services


  • Plenum54 Positive Pressurization System
  • Superior Seal Designs (SD or XD Design)
  • Motors Designed for Slurry Applications
  • Optional Motor Cooling Loop
  • 4 wet end designs available + 50 different wet-ends
  • Accessories : Agitator, Cutter, Jet-Rings
  • Advanced Slurry Sealing System
  • Positive Pressure Sealing Revolution


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