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DeltaV™ M-series Foundation Fieldbus I/O
DeltaV M-series Foundation Fieldbus IO
M-series FOUNDATION™ fieldbus I/O is a modular subsystem that communicates digitally with field devices, increases your input/output capacity, and gives you access to more information about your process than conventional I/O subsystems.
It is equipped with function and field-wiring protection keys to ensure that the correct I/O card is always plugged into the corresponding terminal block. M-series FOUNDATION fieldbus I/O greatly enhances device diagnostics that affect your control strategy and alerts operators to device malfunctions.
DeltaV™ M-series Foundation Fieldbus I/O


Number of channels
Number of field devices
16 per port
Number of Ff function blocks
96 per card
Each channel is isolated from the system and from each other and factory tested to 1500 VDC
Nominal signal range
Fieldbus FOUNDATION IEC 61158-2
Localbus current per card (12 VDC nominal)
200 mA typical, 300 mA maximum
Field circuit power per card
9 TO 32 VDC, 12 mA per channel
IEC 1158 data link layer
airborne contaminants
ISA-S71.04-1985 Airborne Contaminants Class G3 Conformal coating


  • Increases input/output
  • Takes advantage of all smart device capabilities
  • Facilitates multi-drop 16 devices on one port
  • Secure uninterupted control
  • Third-party device support
  • Autosense of redundancy, automatic switchover
  • Provides synchronized control


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