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DeltaV™ Plantwide Event Historian
PDP_DeltaV Plantwide Event Historian
The Plantwide Event Historian records plant event information from any OPC Alarms & Events server, including the DeltaV™ OPC Events Server, and stores them in a Microsoft SQL Server database.
A robust data collection mechanism ensures that no event data is lost due to network or communication upsets. Plantwide Event Historian captures and displays event data for the entire plant and its automatic database management ensures robust and secure data storage.


  • Captures and displays process events for the entire plant
  • Captures all plant event data and stores it in a single database
  • Uses Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) technology to ensure that all event data generated at the OPC Alarms & Events server is delivered to the Plantwide Event Historian database
  • Events collected by the Plantwide Event Historian are displayed together in chronological order and can be viewed from anywhere on the plant network, including inside the DeltaV™ control network
  • Maintaining your plant event data is simplified through the use of the automatic database management functions


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