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FB1100 Single-Run Explosion-Proof Flow Computer for Gas
The cost-effective FB1100 Explosion-Proof Flow Computer measures and monitors gas flow for a single differential pressure meter run.
As well as bringing a new level of measurement confidence, this low-power device can operate independently without external power, for up to one year, making the FB1100 model an ideal replacement for chart recorders. This simple to configure and easy to use device is designed for metering applications where flow control is not required. However, it has the ability to use a single pulse output (DO) for driving an odorizer. The FB1100 Flow Computer is part of Emerson's next-generation FB Series measurement and control platform that offers a common set of configuration tools, including FBxConnect™, to expedite setup and facilitate commonly performed tasks.

Introducing Emerson's FB1000 and FB2000 Series Flow Computers

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Introducing FBxConnect™ Configuration Software for FB Series Flow Computers

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Easily Configure Meter Runs with FBxConnect™

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Increase the Accuracy of Your Oil & Gas Measurement System

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  • API 21.1 compliant measurement on a gas meter run
  • Measurement and I/O capability focused on metering applications
  • Cost-effective, low power option for chart recorder replacement
  • Reduced need to re-calibrate resulting in less time spent on site
  • Simplified configuration and set-up with new FBxConnect tool; configuration comparison report allows for easier tracking of changes
  • Standard firmware supports global metrology calculations (verified by NMi) for orifice, cone, Venturi, nozzle, and conditioning orifice
  • High-accuracy temperature measurement including curve matching via the Callendar-Van Dusen equation
  • Superior data logging capacity with the ability to store 1000 alarms, 2000 events (separate legal events) and history
  • Global Hazardous Area Approvals: Class I Div 1 & 2, ATEX & IEC Ex d & Ex n
  • FBxWifi™ (optional) allows secure local wireless access from safe area
  • Ease of integration with support for Modbus, ROC, BSAP and DNP3 protocols
  • Enhanced security helps prevent unauthorized access


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