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Station Manager
Station Manager is an application for the ControlWave Micro that performs natural gas flow measurement and station control for up to six or eight meter runs, and can be distributed across six stations.
Its ideal for both new installations as well as station upgrades, where it replaces a mix of outdated RTUs and PLCs that are increasingly difficult to support.


  • Easily configure I/O, station and run parameters, perform maintenance operations, view and collect logs, and monitor current station information
  • Six or eight runs available and up to six stations
  • Run switching and PID control
  • API 21.1 flow calculations
  • Historical archiving
  • Hourly, daily, and monthly; flow, volume, and energy
  • Sampler control
  • Flexible communications and Wired and WirelessHART support
  • BSAP, Serial, and IP Modbus & ENRON Modbus
  • Configuration user interface
  • Additional functionality to Station Manager
  • Audit trail of configuration parameters


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